Plaster Work · Plastics

Studio-semester 2

After my studio assessment from last semester I realised that there were many aspects of my studio practice that were unresolved and I felt that I was detracting from my original intentions. After I had a tutorial with one of my Lecturers I decided that I would start to experiment using the objects I made last semester, but viewing them as raw materials rather than works to add to.

I started experimenting by joining the Plaster pieces together as shown:

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This piece shows a few sections of limbs and about three Plaster heads, joined together by mixing up some fresh, thick Plaster as a base. Although this looks quite messy and lumpy once it has fully dried out I can begin to work on it again to make it smoother if I so wish.

I also decided to join two heads together to explore the visual qualities, this is shown below:

I also wanted to re-use some of the Plastic pieces that I made last semester, I started to do this by choosing one that seemed visually interesting to me and making a reinforced Plaster cast of it, as shown.

I enjoyed making this cast, once it was finished I realised it looked very much like a landscape!

I also wanted to re-use some of the Plastic casts that I made-particularly the head casts. I experimented with these using lights to illuminate them. I was interested in how the light might seep through the Plastic and the splits in them. I photographed this process, as shown below.


Once I did these light experiments I suddenly thought, it would be great to photograph my experimental work in the dark space using low and controlled light levels, so I booked out the Dark Space the following week and did some photography of my work where I experimented with their shadows also. These pictures are shown below:

Plaster and Plastic shadow pieces:

Plastic lit pieces:


Through photographing these pieces in an experimental way I came up with an idea that I can continue to work on in my studio practice. This idea will be shown on my next post. Thank you 🙂




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