Studio- Idea!

Following on from my first set of experimentation I had an idea- why am I doing a project based on human forms and not using really peoples bodies?! This was something I was criticized on last semester by my lecturers. Through photographing my work in the dark space I realised that I could create effects of distortion in the human body by looking at peoples shadows. So for the remainder of that day that I had the dark space booked out I persuaded a few people to come and model for me.

I positioned lights to make their shadows do what I wanted, I then stuck paper on the walls and drew around the outlines of each shadow. This wasn’t easy as when the model moves so too does their shadow, so the drawings were done very quickly and quite crudely.

Here are the photos I took (focusing in on specific areas of the body):

As you can see from the close up of the breast, the lines I drew don’t match up, this is because my model was moving too much. Another problem I encountered was that when drawing, your own shadow obstructs the line of another sometimes. Once I had done these photos and drawings using a singular light I took some Halogen bulbs and wired them up to create multiple shadows, as shown:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Through doing this photography I realised just how interesting shadows can be and also their levels on visual distortion. Once doing the drawing to go with these photos I decided that I would like to try and take some of these shapes and transcribe them back into a 3D Sculptural form.

To view the next stage of this process and experimentation you will have to go onto my new blog as unfortunately I have ran out of memory space once again (and I can’t afford to pay for a domain atm). Here is the link:

Thank you


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