Plaster Work

Studio-Vinyl Mould?

To try to continue the process of making plaster ‘replicas’ of the baby dolls bodies or fragments of them I attempted to make a Vinyl Mould of a baby’s leg, this is a mould made out of Rubber with an outer layer of plaster to give it rigidity. Vinyl moulds can be very useful as the rubber can be bent and thus you can cast a shape which has undercuts and it will still be able to be removed. Also you can cast the object out of many materials  such as plaster or Pewter instead of just clay (which would be the case when considering a Slip Cast).

However I realised through attempting this process that I didn’t fully understand how to make a Vinyl Mould properly, and so this resulted in me trying the process of mould making, undoing it and trying again until I gave up as I felt I was wasting too much of my time on one potential process which may not be beneficial to me anyway.

Below are some photographs of this attempted process:


I do know that this process would have been beneficial should I have completed it properly, as I will be continuing this process on next semester I will most likely make a few Vinyl Moulds once I understand how to do it properly, so if you are interested in learning how to make one correctly please watch this space, in the mean time below are some photos of how a Vinyl mould should look!

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