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Workshop- Main project

Through doing sampling for this project I had realised that I would like to include metal which is thicker than the wire that I had used previously, an following on with the idea of consumerism I decided to use some old fence post markers made from Steel Rod that I had previously salvaged from a rubbish tip.

I started by creating all of the plaster press-moulded and inlaying blocks on each piece of rod, this process is shown below:





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7) and 8)

Finally, here are all of the resulting Casts:

Once the plaster casts were made with the metal inside them I then placed each one that I wanted to bend in a metal work vice and bent them by hand, as illustrated:

Once I had bent each one to the shape that I wanted them I began MIG Welding each one together, the process and close ups of this are shown below.

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As you can see, the MIG Welds aren’t particularly tidy, but for this project I was not worried about scruffyness and I was more concerned with having a strong joint that holds itself, considering I did not take the time to take the paint off of each rod used. Here is the resulting piece for my workshop module;

As you can see here the Plaster cast with two metal rods running through it has broken slightly under the strains of the new welded structure,  also when I was moving it the central circular piece snapped slightly as you will see below. This is because I did not lay the second piece of rod far enough into the Plaster cast and did not reinforce this particular piece, if I was to make another piece similar to this I would change that aspect next time.

Final photos:

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