Plaster Work

Studio-new stage continued….

Through mould making using Mod Rock I realised that that style of process takes too long and produces things that are either too delicate or are only one offs so I decided to try press moulding as an experiment instead.

This experiment is shown below:

  1. I laid out a piece of scrap, wet, yet mouldable clay and pushed the solid baby doll into it, then removed the doll.

2. I then poured Plaster into the impression made.

3. I removed the resulting cast(s).

The shapes that were formed were very interesting, I enjoyed their rough qualities and their lumpy nature due to the wetness of the clay, however the cast did not remain intact as the plaster was too thin as the indentation wasn’t deep enough. I realised that if I had made the indentation deeper the cast wouldn’t have been realistic at all, therefore this was something that wouldn’t work process wise.

However, the face in particular (last image shown) was very interesting and I want to explore that quality further in the future.


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