Plaster Work

Workshop Week 2!

In the second week of our workshop we were shown the technique of press moulding, in this process we sculpted a piece of clay into a shape that we wanted (basic principles being that the base was flat and that it had edges or walls) and then we took objects and pushed/pressed them into the clay to make indentations, removed the objects and cast the resulting shape by pouring plaster over the top of the clay. This process is shown below:

Here is the first cast:

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I made the base, lined it with cling film, pushed coins into it to make indentations, removed the clingfilm and thus the coins, drew in a few other lines using a scriber, poured plaster over the indents, added in some scrim to reinforce the plaster, placed a piece of bent wire into the drying plaster and voila!

I liked the shape of this clay base so I decided to use it again for another two casts….

The second cast I made using my keys and key rings to push into the clay, you can see how detailed the resulting casts were below:

Here is the final first and second cast:

It was interesting to see these shapes that were created, but I decided that I liked the textures of the coins more than the keys so I reverted back to them for the final press mould, as shown:


And so finally at the end of the day I had made three press moulds, here they are together…

Da Daaaaa! 😀


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