Metal work

Studio work-the next stage

Once our Territories project was over we then had to come up with a practice or topic to run with for the rest of the semester. I wasn’t very confident on what I should do that would be a feasible idea based on the amount of time I had to produce it and also given the facilities we have available. After a discussion with one of my lecturers I decided to carry on manipulating the metal frames inside mattresses. This process involves having a look at the object itself and the components that it’s made up of and the manipulation of these elements.

I started doing some experimentation as shown:

  1. I Took a few springs to see how I could physically manipulate them, I did this by placing them in a metal work vice and stretching them using my hands.

2) I then looped a series of springs together to see how I could physically manipulate them. I did this by hanging the string of springs over a large metal archway and suspending myself from it; using my own body weight to stretch them, as shown.

Here is the resulting shape of springs from this stretching:

I then wanted to see how the springs would behave when each is joined to many more in their original mattress structure, so I experimented with this by making a ‘hammock’ by cutting out a rectangular section of springs and winding four pieces of metal wire on each corner and then looping that wire over the metal archway. I then sat in the structure every day for at least twenty minutes. I also placed a weight in the centre to slowly stretch it when I wasn’t there. This process is shown below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once I had experimented with the singular mattress shown above I wanted to have a look at the internal structure of another mattress. I got hold of an old double, stripped it down and performed similar processes with that structure, as shown.

The spring structure on the second mattress was very different, they were extended for an entire length of the mattress rather than having a series of singular springs. The metal was also a lot thinner and less rigid; a great symbol for how the world is modernizing.

Once I had carried out this initial research I felt lost in terms of how I would continue to expand this process and grow as an artist. It felt too different from the way I usually work and so I decided to scrap this idea to do with salvage art and focus on another, unrelated idea that I had. The next steps of my new process will be published shortly.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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