Plaster Work

Workshop week 1

Hello all :), this is my first entry write up of my second year on a Fine Art with Sculpture degree at the University of Chichester. This week in our sculpture workshops our lecturer decided to ease us back into the degree program after the summer break. We did Life Casting using Mod Rock and other peoples bodies.

The process is as follows:

  • Choose an area of the body that you want to cast and figure out if you will need to do it in two halves (e.g. a persons face or elbow would only require one part whereas someones entire hand would require two).
  • If that part of the body must be cast in two parts take a felt tip pen and draw a line down the widest part of the body (to give yourself an area to work up to when covering).
  • Coat the persons skin in Vaseline, this will protect the skin from irritation and prevent hairs from being trapped in the Mod Rock.
Adding Vaseline
Adding Vaseline
  • Wrap the body part in cling film if possible (this makes it easier to remove, although it does affect the resulting texture of the cast).


  • Cut off strips of Mod Rock and quickly place them in water (make sure it doesn’t become so wet it’s dripping).


  • Apply the wet Mod Rock onto the desired area of the body.


  • Leave to set, do not move your body around very much as the Mod Rock will weaken.
  • Once set carefully remove, and do the same for the other half of that body part if necessary.


  • Join the tow halves together using more wet Mod Rock and leave to set.
  • You can now do with it what you will, perhaps fill it full of plaster to make a solid mould.

Here are some accompanying photographs to illustrate the process further:


Finally, here is the final product:


Ta daaaa!! 😀


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